The $8.5T global construction market is expected to grow to $15.5T worldwide by 2030, yet the industry has been late to the game to adopt new technologies to improve project delivery and process management. With IT expenses hovering around 1% of gross revenue, construction holds last place in the rankings of IT spend by global economic sector. Fierce competition between firms to win future bids, necessity to reduce operating expenses in response to shrinking margins, and challenges in recruiting and retaining young talent are forcing the industry to innovate. 

Innovation in the AEC and facilities management sectors spans a wide continuum ranging from simple digitalization of paper-based processes to the frontiers of science fiction. We look at investment opportunities across this full range. Incremental improvements to existing workflows and radically disruptive new processes alike will help drive efficiency gains, increase productivity, and improve safety conditions throughout the AEC and facilities management industries.

From cloud-based design collaboration and task management software, to workforce telematics and asset tracking, to exoskeletons and autonomous equipment, to reality capture technologies and more, the future of how we design, construct, and maintain the built world around us within our generation will be dramatically different from the activity you see on your commute to work.