Below is a small collection of intro videos on what we believe to be transformation technologies that will change the way teams in AEC and FM industries design and deliver projects. 



A simple Tekla plug-in that utilizes the power of cloud computing to optimize horizontal bracing and bolt patterning of structural steel stick models. Qnect is demonstrating average total cost saving of $60/ton of steel in the form of reduced material, bolts, and labor.

Tags: Design Automation, Design Optimization



Proprietary 3D printer and extruded material for the reinforcement of walls -- potentially achieving "3D printed rebar" in the future

Tags: Robotics, Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing



Branch Technology and Thornton Tomasetti's Core Studio have created the world's largest 3D printed structure for OneCity in Nashville, TN.

Tags: Robotics, Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing



Purpose-built large-scale 3d printer gantry system for 1-day construction of a FOB barracks.

Tags: Robotics, Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing



A construction time study/productivity solution relevant to Rhumbix.  The wireless sensor for location tracking in GPS-denied metallic environments solves the problem of complexity in traditional systems that passively collect data for statistical process control.

Tags: Real-time Location Systems (RTLS), Sensors, Productivity Tracking



A lightweight "soft robot" powered by compressed air that allows for the safe close proximity of laborers to robotic arms.  Painting, sanding, cleaning, patching, and other "surface treatments" are potential applications.

Tags: Robotics, Process Automation


LONG PIPES  |  Fluid Highway

Continuously extruded, seamless, composite pipe or lightweight segments that speed up installation.  The material can be produces with embedded fiber optics and sensors for monitoring.

Tags: In-place Manufacturing Automation



The ZeroG arm carries the weight of an attached tool to increase safety, improve quality, and speed up production.  Future solutions help workers hold their arms during overhead work and allow workers to carry heavy materials with worn exoskeletons.

Tags: Workforce Augmentation, Exoskeletons



3D printer using blocks of material and industrial adhesive.

Tags: Robotics, Labor Automation



Williams Robotics is designing and manufacturing robotic systems that will build the homes of the future, beginning with a system that automates the construction of stub wall panels in a manufacturing facility or at the job site.

Tags: Robotics, Labor Automation



The new robotic method for digital timber construction "Spatial Timber Assemblies" expands the range of possibilities for traditional timber frame construction by enabling the efficient construction and assembly of geometrically complex timber modules.

Tags: Robotics, Labor Automation



A fully automated end-to-end drone solution that goes far beyond standard drone options. It's self deploying, self landing, self charging operation allows for on-demand or on-schedule continuous utilization to answer the needs of industries such as energy, mining and oil & gas by providing a safe, cost-effective solution available on-site and on-demand.

Tags: Drones, Photogrammetry, Aerial Data Capture, Data Insights



Hyperloop One shot down disbelievers earlier this month when it announced the first successful test of a "full hyperloop" earlier in May of this year. As this video demonstrates, Hyperloop One engineers propelled a maglev test sled up to 70mph through a full-scale tube in near-vacuum.

Tags: Infrastructure, Transit, Transportation



Elon Musk's response to traffic congestion is tunneling. His ambitious claims of developing higher speed, lower cost (by a factor of 10 or more) tunnel boring machines might seem like pipe dreams, but leaked photos of his prototype TBM and tweets about progress suggest the dreams are possible.

Tags: Infrastructure, Transit, Transportation



Eyetap is an organization run by Steve Mann, known as the "father of wearable computing."  This "welding vision technology" is still under development but can provide value as a training tool today and shows promise for field applications -- once the associated computers are miniturized (it currently requires a high-end gaming laptop). 

Tags: Augmented Reality (AR), Welding, High Dynamic Range (HDR)



This video shows autonomous heavy equipment within a United Rentals yard, made possible by a constellation of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) beacons (used for navigation) and retrofitted control units for on the equipment.



Built Robotics is using autonomy to make construction safer, faster and more affordable.  Initially focused on automating the earthwork operations on residential development projects.



KEWAZO is a German startup developing a robotic system that significantly optimizes scaffolding assembly.



A Perth, Australia based developer of innovative, prefabricated lightweight concrete car parking systems up to six levels high. Offsite fabrication, design standardization and optimization, and the simplicity of onsite assembly allows teams to reduce project costs and in-field construction time.



"Google StreetView for construction and facilities O&M" -- HoloBuilder organizes reality capture content, with extremely efficient organization of photospheres from the Ricoh Theta.  The platform has task management and computer vision features to facilitate the centralization of construction oversight.